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We are a sweat equity shop focused on growing your business.

We earn equity by helping you scale & grow the value of your company.


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A Different Approach For Better Results

Are you weary of hiring expensive people who only point out problems and provide advice… leaving you stuck doing more work without getting more results?

Our approach is different.

We equally yoke ourselves with you as an Equity Partner. We join the Executive Team and create and implement effective results driven solutions. Say goodbye to wasted resources and hello to a productive partnership that drives your success.

20+ Years of Experience Performing At The Highest Levels

Our team has experience working as bootstrapping entrepreneurs, to being Founders & CEOs of large companies with thousands of people. While we love helping everyone, we are very selective about who we partner with. 

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We Conquer Your Biggest Problems Together

We unlock your business’s full potential. We have the solutions to these common issues:

Proven Solutions that Creates Real Results

Starting with our business assessment process, you will gain value from every interaction you experience with All Things New Ventures team. 


We start off understanding you, your business model and your mission, vision and values. We then share how All Things New Ventures works and our mission, vision and values. We then mutually decide if we are a fit for each other.


We will reverse engineer a comprehensive business plan to anticipate future growth. We accomplish this from getting our hands in the dirt, meeting your team, watching work get done, attending all appropriate meetings, and integrating into functioning as a member of the executive team. We do all of this with the intent to create an equity partnership.

Operational Partner

As an equity partner we work as a functional member of your team to get the job done and achieve financial success. We bring in other ATN Ventures partners as needed to help with the 5 strategic spheres, and do what ever it takes to get results and achieve our goals.

Let’s Get Started

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See What Our Clients Have Say and Have Achieved

4.7 out of 5 stars
from 1.2k reviews

Dustin Hillis, initially hired as a contractor, swiftly advanced to the role of Chief Strategy Officer, significantly elevating our business by bringing in critical strategic partners and addressing key areas requiring executive support. His exceptional contributions include hiring our CFO, assembling expert teams in finance and law, refining compensation plans, and leveraging his world-class marketing expertise to reshape our most profitable product offering.

Ben Brown

COO of Tough Stump Technologies

Hiring Dustin Hillis & All Things New Ventures has been a game changer for Totally Mushrooms & Cheekee Greens. We were facing challenges from multiple directions, and partnering with Hillis has helped provide us with the strategic plan we needed to keep the company moving forward. 

Rowan Millar

CEO & Founder of Totally Mushrooms

After dealing with potential financiers for almost a decade, the people All Things New Venture introduced us to were by far the most rapid, responsive, and offered the most reasonable terms we received.

Their unwavering belief in the potential for significant change, combined with strategic support, is a winning formula for anyone seeking to elevate their business.

Lester Crafton

Chairman & Co-founder of OvaNova

I can attest to the tangible and transformative impact Hillis brings to any business venture. His strategic foresight, coupled with a hands-on approach, was instrumental in steering our company to an informed and well-consider vision that drove meaningful change within our organization. This change continues to empower our team and radically increase how our clients view us and the work they trust to us.

David McKay

CEO & Founder of Stout

What Makes Us Different

We are the “what ever it takes to get the job done” business partner for you. We have been there, we have done that, and we have many awards, prizes and recognitions to acknowledge our industry leadership in a multitude of industries and getting results in all of them. Our secrete is the focus on the execution of business fundamentals. We know how to take what seems like complex problems and distill them down to bite sized solutions to grow your company. We’ve done it before, and we will do it again… with you! 

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