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Achieve The Impossible With Your New Strategic Partners

By integrating your five strategic spheres into your business, your team will collectively take your vision of what might seem impossible to others, into a game plan and reality. 

The 5 Strategic Spheres

Discover your all-encompassing services spanning the essential areas that will propel your business to unprecedented success.

Executive Strategy

We join your executive team as your Chief Strategy Officer. Our services encompass crafting a comprehensive five-year business plan, identifying key objectives for significant growth, pinpointing system and process vulnerabilities, assessing personnel alignment, creating new roles, and developing job descriptions, compensation plans, and effective management structures. We are an integrated part of your executive team, collaborating regularly with the CEO and the C-suite, providing executive advising and actively contributing to problem-solving and the company’s progress as equity partners working alongside those driving daily operations.

Financial Strategy

Our financial strategy team collaborates with you to streamline your company’s financial management, encompassing P&L, cash, balance sheet, and equity/debt structure. We begin by evaluating your current company valuation and devising a formula for annual updates. We align these strategies with owner goals, long-term vision, and potential exit plans, establishing your Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal (BHAG) for the company’s financial future. We then reverse-engineer a five-year business plan into tangible financial strategies, breaking them down into annual, quarterly, and monthly components to achieve your objectives. Crucially, we ensure the equity plan is structured to sustain business cash flow, accommodate equity payouts, onboard new equity holders or investors, and support dynamic growth.

Business Development Strategy

The adage “what got you here won’t get you there” holds true. Our business strategist is poised to elevate your business by crafting a detailed business development strategy. This plan outlines step-by-step procedures for lead generation, key activity metrics, effective prospect outreach, successful product or service presentations that resonate with customers, prompt action, and a process for securing referrals. A robust go-to-market strategy is the backbone of your business, ensuring substantial growth. We guarantee a business development strategy that propels you forward.

Legal Strategy

Legal strategy is often underestimated but holds immense importance. Our legal strategy team collaborates with you to enhance your corporate structure, ensuring the protection of leaders, team members, and fair agreements with clients and vendors. We also explore leveraging your business structure to attract key talent through an enticing equity model, recognizing that top professionals seek ownership in growing companies. While this approach may not suit every business, sharing equity and offering profit incentives is a powerful tool for talent retention and global recruitment. Our legal team, in coordination with the finance team, optimizes your debt-to-equity structure and tax considerations for future compensation through ownership.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing can be a misunderstood term for many executives. Our dedicated marketing strategy team recognizes its vital role in every business. We start by evaluating your current marketing strategy, team, and vendors to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses. We then assess all marketing assets and tools to ensure they’re optimized for business development. Through collaborative sessions, we bridge the gap between your sales and marketing teams, from website to branding, ensuring alignment for maximum results. Our comprehensive marketing strategy generates leads that align with your sales team’s preferences, delivering tangible outcomes.

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